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The Outsiders join Boembap

The Outsiders

At Boembap we are proud to inform you that The Outsiders have joined our roster!

The Outsiders is a producer/dj-duo, based in Leiden, The Netherlands, that produces a large variety of sounds and subgenres within Drum & Bass music. The two young friends Jozef van der Veen (16) and Roeland van Rijnberk (17) have already received support from people like Noisia, NCT, Fre4knc, Monty, SKS, Dayle and more, with recent releases on Noisia’s labels Division Recordings and Invisible Recordings, as well as SKS’s label Vandal Records. The Outsiders met at school and they have been sharing track ideas with each other since 2013, often resulting in one of them trying to outdo the other. But after three years, the two decided to use each other’s creativity, by making Drum & Bass music together as a duo, which is showing some great results so far. Their music varies from experimental, sound design heavy halftime, to deep, minimal rollers and hard hitting neurofunk.

The duo did an interview with the other day, read it here: ) (Dutch only)